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Industrial and institutional sponsors are welcome to support the IFEEC 2019 conference.


- Why Sponsor

Extensive Publicity. With several key supporting stakeholders involved, their engagement will create widespread publicity for the event and for you. Publicity and promotional materials will carry your corporate logo to boost publicity for your company.

- Branding Opportunity

A 2m x 2m exhibition booth will be provided with any Sponsorship level package. You may feature your company’s products and services. This will serve as a valuable reference source and services available from you.


- Profile Yourself As An Industry Leader

Your company’s logo and company information will be featured in the conference collaterals. Additionally, your logo will be included in banners, brochures, and other publicity materials (in accordance with the sponsorship Level selected). This will serve as an excellent platform to establish your leadership position in the industry.


- Enhance Your Corporate Image

By sponsoring the event, your image will be favorably enhanced, as it will provide you with opportunities to demonstrate your investment and commitment to the industry.

There are nine levels of sponsorship offering you various options to position your company or institution as a leading player in the area of future energy electronics. Please download the Exhibition and Sponsorship packages slides deck:

Traditional Chinese (TC)
Simplified Chinese (SC)

For Exhibition Booth Sponsors, Click HERE to download the Exhibitor Order Form (Form 1 and 5 are compulsory and will need to be returned via email to the Events Management Partner by 25 October 2019).

For more information, please contact the Exhibition Chair/Co-Chairs at:


Dr Koh Leong Hai Marcus
Exhibition Chair, IFEEC 2019
Email: LHKOH@ntu.edu.sg

Dr Y.K. Lo
Exhibition Co-Chair, IFEEC 2019
Email: YK.Lo@liteon.com 

Mr Olivier Wu
Exhibition Co-Chair, IFEEC 2019
Email: olivier.wu@infomatic.com.sg