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        International Future Energy Electronics Conference 2013 (IFEEC 2013) will be held in Tainan, Taiwan on November 3-6, 2013. This conference is an international forum for presentation and discussion of the state of the art technology in Energy Electronics and related topics. Owing to the inevitable global resource crisis, IFEEC 2013 is mainly focused on the topics of energy-saving systems, renewable energy, energy storage, novel topology for converters and inverters, lighting, innovative analog and digital controls, and the applications not limited to the aforementioned topics.

1. Converters
  1.1 AC-DC Converter
  1.2 DC-DC Converter
  1.3 Multi-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies
  1.4 Soft Switching Technologies for Converter
  1.5 Multilevel Converters
  1.6 Converter Topologies
  1.7 Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  1.8 Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Power Converter

2. Power converter for Renewable Energy Systems and Utility Interface
  2.1 Power Quality
  2.2 Electronics and Controls for Distributed Energy Systems
  2.3 Power Converter for PV System
  2.4 Power Converter for Wind Power System
  2.5 Impact of Renewable Energy Systems on Utility Grid
  2.6 Ocean and Wave Energy Harvesting

3. Machine Design
  3.1 Induction Machine Design
  3.2 Linear Machine Design
  3.3 Machine for Renewable Energy

4. Motor Drives
  4.1 AC and DC Motor Drives
  4.2 Single and Multi-Phase Inverters
  4.3 Sensor and Sensor-less Control for motor driver

5. Devices and Components
  5.1 Semiconductor Devices
  5.2 Magnetic Components
  5.3 Device Integration

6. Power Integrated Circuits
  6.1 Power Supply on Chip
  6.2 Energy Harvesting
  6.3 Novel PSOC for Converter

7. Lighting Technologies and Applications
  7.1 LED Driver and Applications
  7.2 Ballast for Fluorescent Lamp, CCFL, and HID Lamps
  7.3 Lighting Related Topics. 

8. Power Electronics Applications
  8.1 Energy Storage
  8.2 Portable Power
  8.3 Plug-in Electric Vehicles
  8.4 Automotive and Transportation
  8.5 Other Applications


IFEEC has applied for EI Index.

Important Due Dates

Special Session                                             May 19, 2013
Digest Submission                                        June 10, 2013      June 24, 2013
Notification of Acceptance                            July 31, 2013      Aug. 4, 2013
Final Manuscript Submission                        Aug. 31, 2013


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